Android Development

                Android Course or covers basic and advanced concepts of android technology. These courses will be helpful for both beginners and professionals.Android is a complete set of software for mobile devices such as tablet computers, notebooks, smartphones, electronic book readers, set-top boxes etc.It contains a Linux-based Operating System, middleware and key mobile applications.It can be thought of as a mobile operating system. But it is not limited to mobile only. It is currently used in various devices such as mobiles, tablets, televisions etc.

Course Topics

Core Android

  • Java Basics
    Android Architecture
    Lifecycle methods of Android .
    Core Building Blocks
    Event handling 
    Android Emulator 
    Graphics & multimedia support 
    Android Software Development Kit (SDK) 

Android Widgets

    1. UI Widgets
    2. Working with Button
    3. Custom Toast
    4. ToggleButton
    5. AlertDialog
    6. Spinner
    7. WebView
    8. SeekBar
    9. TimePicker
    10. Analog and Digital
    11. ProgressBar

Deep Overview in Android Stack

    1.  Linux Kernel
    2. Libraries
    3. Android Runtime
    4. Application Framework

Advanced UI

    1. Selection components (GridView, ListView, Spinner )
    2. Complex UI components
    3. Adapters, Custom Adapters
    4. Building UI for performance
    5. Creating custom and compound Views